Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top 12 Big 12 tournament tips

- Take the MAX.  If you must drive, generally park west of Main or North of 11th.  11th & Oak garage and Kauffman PAC garages good choices

- Avoid dining in P&L Live block.  Pull up Yelp and find something.  Tons of good restaurants a quick walk.  Some suggestions: Antons, Milwaukee Deli, Tannin, Pizza Bella, Peanut, Los Tules. All within .5 mile.

- Act like a local:  Skystations (4 pieces of art on pedestals west of sprint), Baldwin jeans (those block KC hats), Jason Sudeikis or Eric Stonestreet or Eddie Griffin...pick one you went to HS with, mumble how you never come to P&L except big 12 weekend, Gates or Bryants (pick one and argue to the death)

- Scalping In MO is legal.  Private property like inside P&L covered area and on Sprint Center property they may run you off.

-  Tired of standing around between sessions? From Sprint, go south on grand, east on 16th, north on Central, east on 9th, south on Walnut.  Quick walking tour of downtown and can see north crossroads, Kauffman PAC, P&L building, architecture, public art.  2 mile walk.

- Check out B-cycle and take a trip to river market or crossroads stops

- Johnnys has the cheapest good beer.  Don’t stay in Johnnys.  Go buy a beer, go outside.

- Best quickest food options: Zaina, Planet Sub, Jimmy Johns, food trucks, Pizza Bar, Cosentinos, 

- You will have a blast if you never leave P&L, come way before the games start…you will also miss a lot of downtown.  Go explore the neighborhoods:  westside, crossroads, Union station, river market, WWI museum, crown center, quality hill/garment district.

- The guys/gals in yellow jackets are your friends.  They can find you anything.  Also look for host committee shirts.

- CVS at 10th & Main.  If you need it, you’ll be glad you know where it is.

- Clothes shopping:  Bob Jones shoes, Garment District and surrounding shops, Halls in Crown Center.  It’s not 5th Avenue down here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big 12 time

Time for another Big 12 tournament in KC. Weather might not be the best on Thursday but looks like a great tournament is about to unfold. Last dance for a&m and MU. Going to be weird not having MU fans around next year.

Hope to post a few time or a few pics as things get entertaining.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Downtown comings and goings

Been awhile since I've posted so figured time to wrap up some comings and goings in and around downtown.

Coming...and pretty excited for all of them.
- Snow and Company headed to the crossroads on Baltimore.  Serving up frozen alcohol.  Should be open in September.  @snowandcompany on twitter.
- Nica's cafe, formerly a hit in southern johnson county, is headed to the old Shiraz spot at 320 Southwest Blvd.  Heard great things about this place.  Opening in August: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nicas-Cafe
- Balsano's - Gelate cafe that just opened in P&L after being kicked out of the Plaza.
- Bar Louie.  Nothing official but Bar Louie confirms they are looking at the P&L.  Want to be open in August.  http://www.barlouieamerica.com

- Fishnet Security....a homegrown and up and coming security company.  Leaving for the incentive laden pastures of the suburban sprint campus.
- Raglan Road - Supposedly not paying their rent and Cordish is kicking them out.

Some great new places.  Disappointing to see an employer like Fishnet leaving.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Examples of poor snow removal

This isn't very timely but going through my phone pics came across a great example of horrible snow removal....this one care of cordish who decided nobody could ever walk from the crossroads to their district.  Any other examples out there?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Evening hours at downtown businesses rant

My discovery of the Mixx deciding to cut their hours of their downtown location to only 11am to 2:30pm today got me thinking about a long time pet peeve of mine. Mixx opened it's doors a little over a year ago and has flexed their hours all around in that time.

Why do restaurants apply a double standard to their downtown location? This seems especially true with a restaurant or retailer with multiple locations. It happens almost like clockwork in downtown KC. A business will give downtown almost token evening/late hours but almost instantly start closing at inconsistent times or all together taking away evening hours. Why? It's not like these businesses are packed at their other non-downtown location. A place like Subway is a great example of this. Have you ever driven by a subway anywhere after lunch? Are they EVER busy? Hardly....yet they stay open in every random strip mall you can find but they don't even give a second thought to closing up shop after lunch rush downtown.

Now I'll admit I've never ran a retail or restaurant operation but if I'm trying to build business, I would try and cater to not just employees but tourists and residents that live downtown. Maybe I'm looking at this with just too big of pro-downtown glasses on but someone explain it to me. OK say you aren't busy at first in the evenings. How much does keeping the lights on and two hourly employees cost for 5 more hours? $50 a day? What is that, 4 diners?

I can't believe this continued hour shifting by new downtown businesses is simply economic. So what is it? Perceived safety of employees? Assumption that there is no one to sell to after the workers eat lunch?

A perfect example of actually trying evening hours and sticking with it comes from the former Cupinis. When they first opened, they stayed open until 8pm. No matter what. Rob stuck with it until they day he closed to be closer to his family. You know what, he got customers in the evening too....not right away, but after people realized he was there and open, people went there.

As a downtown worker and resident, a small piece of advice to any current or future restaurant or retailer. If you truly want to build evening business, post your hours and stick to them. Give it at LEAST one year. Put that in your business plan. It will be slow at first for the traditional "lunch" places like Subway, Quiznos, Ingredient, Mixx, but as people realize you are open, you will build that following. Tell us you are open, you will get our business. If you don't want to commit to that, then don't even tease us with your token evening hours. We will respect your business more if you don't go jerking hours around on us.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday - Volunteering & Fans arriving

Just got back from fan information volunteering....some of the most fun I have with other fans. Great time telling them about KC, where to eat, etc. You can really see how much they appreciate the suggestions since many of them are from a smaller city than KC....and how great we now have options to give them.

Free practice was today and the first game is tomorrow....fan fest was just getting setup as I walked to the hotel today...looks like it will be a lot of fun if the weather allows it.

I'll do most of my midday updates with twitter which you can follow to the right. Probably once a night I'll update the blog with the day's events.

Most fans I saw today were from Texas Tech (surprising) and Oklahoma State. Mostly 55+ which is expected when the tournament starts on a Tuesday.

First game 11am between Tech and Colorado...expecting a Dallas type crowd....nobody.

Only pic I took today:

Big 12 arriving

Big 12 teams and fans begin arriving today for the tournament in KC.  Should be a great time and I'll be blogging/tweeting live the whole time bringing comments, pics, videos, whatever.  Great time for KC, wish the weather would play nice...but after this winter, at least it's not raining.

Later.  Check back often for updates or better yet jump on twitter and follow @downtownkc as I will be updating that more frequently.

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